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Hostinger Blade Friday Deals offer is here, and you can’t miss this one. With up to 90% discounts on all plans, Hostinger is offering you the highest discount with a bunch of freebies.
If you are looking for Hostinger Blade Friday Deals offer, coupon codes, and Cyber Monday Deals, then the guide below will help you avail the maximum discount on any Hostinger plan. Furthermore, the comprehensive guide will assist you in choosing the best value pack. Let’s dive in!

Hostinger Black Friday Deals Offer 2022 Details

Hostinger is one of the web hosting providers that offer a vast range of hosting plans from as low as ₹116 per month. Not just are you getting your hosting pack but a free domain, SSL certification, and a couple of other freebies.
Hostinger offers different discounts on different plans. From WordPress to Shared and Cloud Hosting, all plans are available at a deal price. Check the suggested plans below with discount codes and Black Friday 2022 offers.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Black Friday Deals Offer

Hostinger Shared hosting plans are the cheapest and most value-for-money plans that offer excellent features. In the Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2022, you can avail of a maximum discount of up to 75% on shared hosting plans.

The best part about the shared hosting plans is that even though they are the cheapest, they come with free domain, SSL, and DDOS protection. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included with all shared hosting plans.

PlansSingle Web HostingPremium Web Hosting Business Web Hosting
Cost₹69 / month₹129 / month₹249 / month
Storage50 GB SSD100 GB SSD200 GB SSD
Traffic Capacity10,000 Monthly Visits25,000 Monthly Visits100,000 Monthly Visits
Email Accounts1UnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSLYesYesYes
Website BuilderYesYesYes
Daily BackupsNoNoYes
Weekly BackupsYesYesYes
Free DomainNoYesYes
WordPress AccelerationYesYesYes
30 Days Money Back GuaranteeYesYesYes

Single Web Hosting Plan (Best Value):

  • If you are just starting out and you want to build your very first website, then Hostinger’s single web hosting plan is the best value-for-money pack you can buy in this sale. This plan has a 79% discount during the Black Friday sale.
  • However, you do need to note that you won’t be able to host more than one website on this plan. This plan is good for students who want to develop their first website.

Premium Web Hosting Plan (Perfect for Small Websites):

  • If you own a small site or want to build one that can handle 25,000 monthly visits, then you should go with Hostinger’s Premium Web Hosting Plan.
  • If you buy this in the Black Friday sale, you can save up to 75% on the total value. Furthermore, you can avail of an additional discount with the BlackFriday coupon code.

Business Web Hosting Plan (Ideal for Small Businesses):

  • If you have a well-established small or medium business that has frequent traffic, then you can choose Hostinger’s Business Web Hosting plan.
  • While this plan doesn’t offer the best value, you can use the “BlackFriday” coupon to save some extra bucks.
  • The best part about this plan is that it includes daily backups, which would normally cost ₹1380 or more on other web hosts.
  • You also get the WordPress Staging Tool, which allows you to create a clone of your production site into a sub-folder, complete with themes, plug-ins, and more, alongside a live version of your website.

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Hostinger Cloud Hosting Black Friday Deals Offer :

Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans are suitable for web developers and app developers who crave more resources or want to work on cloud platforms.

Hostinger cloud hosting services are being used by many new startups, and if you are one of those startup founders, you should invest in the Hostinger cloud hosting plans to get your website up and running all the time.

PlansCloud StartupCloud ProfessionalCloud Enterprise
Cost₹699 / month₹999 / month₹5,099 / month
Storage200 GB SSD250 GB SSD300 GB SSD
CPU Cores246
Dedicated IP AddressYesYesYes
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSLYesYesYes
Website BuilderYesYesYes
Daily BackupsYesYesYes
Weekly BackupsYesYesYes
Free DomainYesYesYes
WordPress AccelerationYesYesYes
30 Days Money Back GuaranteeYesYesYes
Data CentersMultipleMultipleMultiple
Cron JobsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelYesYesYes
GIT AccessYesYesYes
SSH AccessYesYesYes

Cloud hosting from Hostinger is similar to VPS plans in that you get a dedicated IP address and other resources. The only difference between VPS and cloud hosting is that with VPS, you get your own operating system, updates, and software.
Hostinger engineers and experts, on the other hand, manage the OS, software, and updates in Hostinger Cloud Hosting. So, first, you need to decide between cloud hosting or VPS hosting if you are confused about choosing these two.
Hostinger’s VPS packs are more value for money if you know how to manage them properly. However, if you are a beginner, then you can increase your budget and choose Hostinger Cloud Hosting plans.

Cloud Startup Plan (Beginner-Friendly Cloud Hosting Pack):

  • The cloud startup plan of Hostinger is the most value for money and a beginner-friendly pack as it starts at just ₹699 per month.
  • The best part about the Cloud Startup plan is that it offers most of the features that are available in high-end cloud hosting plans, like a control panel, access manager, unlimited cron jobs, cache management, GIT and SSH access, and a lot more.
  • The only limited resource in this plan is the number of CPU cores and memory (RAM). You get only 2 CPU cores and 3 GB of RAM, which would be only sufficient if you have a small website.

Cloud Professional Plan (Best Value):

  • The Cloud Professional plan is the best value hosting plan that Hostinger offers, and at only ₹999 per month, it is the most affordable plan.
  • You can save a hefty amount of up to 70% with this plan. This plan comes with 6 GB RAM and 4 CPU cores, along with dedicated resources and an IP address.
  • This plan, along with other cloud hosting plans, has been optimized for the best efficiency, which makes it load up your website quickly.
  • Furthermore, every single resource in the cloud hosting plan will be only and exclusively managed by the user.

Cloud Enterprise (Professional Plan):

  • The cloud professional cloud hosting plan from Hostinger is the most expensive on the website.
  • With a monthly cost of ₹5099 and a discount of up to 30% during Black Friday, this plan may still be unsuitable, so we do not recommend purchasing it during this Black Friday sale.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Black Friday Deals Offer

When it comes to the VPS plan range, then nothing can beat the Hostinger VPS Hosting plan. Hostinger offers a total of 8 VPS plans, all of which offer great value one over the other. Below we have listed the top 3 most value-for-money VPS hosting plans that you can grab during Hostinger’s Black Friday Deals offer.

PlansVPS 1VPS 2VPS 3
Cost₹249 / month₹429 / month₹1,135 / month
Storage20 GB40 GB80 GB
vCPU 1 Core2 Core4 Core
Multi-Core Geekbench Score6089911770
Bandwidth1 TB2TB4 TB
Inode Limit1 310 7202 621 4405 242 880
Weekly BackupsYesYesYes
Dedicated IPYesYesYes
Full Root AccessYesYesYes
100 Mb/s NetworkYesYesYes
IPV4 & IPV6 SupportYesYesYes

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VPS 1 Plan (Starter VPS for Beginners):

  • Hostinger VPS 1 plan is a good VPS starter pack for beginners. When you want to host your project apps or want to build a full-fledged website on the cloud, the Hostinger VPS plan is an absolute choice for you.
  • This plan offers a 58% discount during Black Friday Deals. The plan comes with 1 GB of RAM and 20 GB of SSD disk space, along with 1 TB of bandwidth.
  • Most web hosting providers don’t offer backups for such a cheap VPS plan. However, this is not the case with the Hostinger VPS plan, as it comes with weekly backups.

VPS 2 Plan (Best Value Pack):

  • If you are looking to develop and scale a new website in a short time with less money, then the Hostinger VPS 2 plan is for you.
  • This plan costs only ₹429 per month with a total savings of up to 69% and offers the maximum benefits in any Hostinger VPS plan.
  • The plan comes with 2 GB RAM and 40 GB SSD disk space which is ideal for holding any type of small to large website with ease. Furthermore, it offers complete root access to the user, so you can delete or modify any type of system file with ease.
  • This plan comes with a 991 multi-core geekbench score which makes it a robust and trustworthy plan for anyone who wants to scale his small website.

VPS 4 Plan (Upgrade Pack):

  • When you have successfully scaled up your small website, you can upgrade it to the VPS 4 plan of Hostinger.
  • We have skipped and not included VPS 3 or any other packs as they don’t offer the maximum discount as these 3 plans.
  • However, it is completely up to you to check those plans out as well during Black Friday deals.
  • The VPS 4 plan comes with an Inode limit of 5 242 880, which lets you store a maximum number of files and folders in your account.
  • Furthermore, all the VPS plans of Hostinger include at least 1 snapshot, which could be a life savior during a data disaster recovery.
  • On top of that, all plans include a 100 megabit-per-second network which means that each server will be allowed to use a 100 megabit-per-second connection line along with IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols.

How to Avail Maximum Discount Using Hostinger Black Friday Deals Offer Coupon Code?

Hey readers, we have got a special coupon code for you. With ” BLACKFRIDAY ” or ” HA10 ” coupon code, you can avail of an additional discount on all Hostinger Plans. Please note that this coupon is only valid during Hostinger Black Friday sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Hostinger Provide Refund On All Plans?
Yes, you can avail of your refund within 30 days of the plan purchase. If you cancel after 30 days, your money won’t be refunded.

How Many Different Locations Does Hostinger Offer?
Hostinger has 7 different data center locations, including the Netherlands, UK, Lithuania, Asia, Singapore, India, and the USA.

When Will Hosting Cyber Monday 2022 Will Start?
Hostinger Cyber Monday 2022 will start on November 28, 2022, after the Black Friday deal ends. Cyber Monday will last until December 04, 2022.

When Will the Hostinger Black Friday Deals Offer End?
Hostinger Black Friday Deals will end on November 27, 2022. After black Friday deals, the price will go back to normal.

What is the Maximum Discount You Can Avail During Hostinger Black Friday Deals Offer?
During the Hostinger Black Friday Deals Offer, you can avail of a maximum discount of up to 86%. However, it all depends upon the plan you choose. The higher will be the plan, the more discount you will get.

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Conclusion :

In short, Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers that offers great value packs. Whether you want to build a small website for showcasing your shop products or you want to build a full-fledged eCommerce website, Hostinger can be your go-to choice.
Hostinger’s Business shared hosting is one of the best value-for-money plans that we would advise you to invest in. Other than that, Hostinger’s Cloud Professional is another great value pack you can grab during the Black Friday 2022 deals offer.

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