Hostinger Review In India 2024, is hostinger good for India?

Hostinger review In India: Hostinger is a well-known web hosting company that offers a solid base for building websites. Here I am doing a review After using Hostinger hosting on my 7 websites, Then I write Hostinger Review In India. They have shared hosting services for everyone, from beginners to huge businesses. Their plans are competitively priced, and they include a number of useful features. Check out our Hostinger review to see if it’s a good fit for you.

About Hostinger

Hostinger was started in 2011, however, its roots may be traced all the way back to 2004. Hostinger began as a local web hosting firm in Lithuania and has now expanded to include multiple web hosting businesses. This provided them with the knowledge and experience necessary to develop the technical knowledge that makes it one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies.

7 Website , I am host on hostinger

Hostinger Review In India

After using Hostinger hosting on my 7 websites, Then I write Hostinger Review In India

Our Score


  • Excellent Uptime 
  • Fast loading speed 
  • Automatic Backups
  • Customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unique H-panel Dashboard
  •  Security 
  • Free domain and Website Builder
  • 30 Days Money back Guarantees 


  • Exceptions to the refund policy
  • There isn’t a traditional cPanel available
  • Low price conditions 

What makes Hostinger one of the best Hosting Provider In 2022

1: Excellent Uptime 

The most important element to consider when selecting a web host is uptime. Over the previous year, Hostinger has averaged 99.97 percent uptime with little over three hours of downtime. This is a significant increase over the previous test phase when the uptime was 99.74 percent. 

2: Fast loading speed 

Google recommends a load time of 200 milliseconds. This is because if your site takes too long to load, consumers will lose interest. You won’t have to worry about it if you utilize Hostinger since it is lightning quick. Hostinger is one of the quickest in the market, with an average loading time of 160 milliseconds. 

3: Automatic Backups

Based on the service you choose, Hostinger provides automated daily or weekly backups. Backing up your data on a regular basis is critical since it may help you prevent data loss or damaged files. You don’t have to lose your data in the event of a malicious attack, a hard drive failure, or an event. This guarantees that you don’t have to start again and lose all of the hard work you put into it the first time.

4: Customer support

Hostinger offers live chat assistance 24 x 7. They do not currently provide phone assistance. Their customer support crew is well-trained and always willing to assist.

We observed their customer service team be extremely quick, with response times that were virtually instantaneous. When I do Hostinger Review In India then I see hostinger show 20 minutes minimum time for giving a reply in chat support. But its do fast reply and provides a quality solution.Aside from live chat, Hostinger features a comprehensive knowledge library with thorough step-by-step lessons for the most frequently requested customer problems.

5: Affordable pricing 

Hostinger is an affordable service. In fact, it’s typically one of the most affordable hosting alternatives we’ve found. Hostinger’s shared hosting plans start at only 69 Rs. per month. However, you must sign up for a 48-month commitment to getting in this cheap monthly cost.

Some folks are hesitant to do so since it is more expensive upfront than spending monthly bills. But if you really need hosting, you shouldn’t mind paying up for a few years to receive the greatest cost.

6: Unique H-panel Dashboard 

Hostinger’s original dashboard, termed hPanel, is simple, easy to use, and simple. All of the functionality is organized by category, and the dashboard’s well-designed simple icons offer a premium look. You get the impression that everything has its own spot. Because it’s so straightforward, I believe that even someone with no prior knowledge will be able to utilize h-Panel efficiently.

7: Security 

A free SSL certificate is included with Hostinger’s Business shared plan, which is great for small enterprises wishing to protect their customers’ data. Previously, you had to pay for SSL or you can choose the Business shared hosting plan, but now you may receive one for free even if you select the lowest Single shared hosting plan.

It’s unusual to have to pay a basic-level SSL individually from a hosting service. But, if you wish to upgrade to a higher level of protection, Hostinger charges an extra fee, just like its rivals.

8: Free domain and Website Builder 

A free domain and website builder is included with all Hostinger plans. This is useful if you want to create a website from scratch. It’s also beneficial for beginners. This website builder makes it simple to personalize a website without requiring any programming skills or experience.

9: Hostinger 30 Days Money back Guarantees 

You may get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with your Hostinger web hosting services within 30 days of registration. This is a terrific opportunity for you. In other words, you’ll get 30 days of free hosting. 30 days is the industry standard for web hosting assurances. Most providers will give you at least this amount of time to reconsider your choice and get a refund.

Hostinger’s money-back guarantee is adequate, however, it pales in comparison to that of several other web providers. 

Cons of hostinger review in India

Exceptions to the refund policyEven while Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, this doesn’t really ensure that you will get a full refund. Domain name registrations, for example, may only be repaid if discontinued within four days after purchase. In fact, there are no refunds for privacy protection, domain name renewals, or redemption costs.
There isn’t a traditional cPanel availableTraditional control panels, such as cPanel, are used by the majority of hosting companies. Hostinger, on the other hand, has its own control panel, which is useful for novice users. If you’re accustomed to cPanel, though, you may not like their interface.
Low price conditions When compared to other hosting companies, their plans are less expensive, but you must commit for 48 months to get that low pricing. Again, if you’re serious about operating your website for a long period, this isn’t a terrible thing. You may follow their yearly plans.
Cons Of Hostinger

Hostinger Review In India Plans and Pricing comparison

Shared Hosting 

The efficiency of Hostinger’s shared web hosting is optimized for WordPress. It includes cache powered by LiteSpeed, smart optimization, performance, and reliability guarantees. A free domain and SSL are included in the base package.

I would not really pick anything below the Business plan because a free SSL and domain name are very prominent traits for most web hosting providers. But, You can definitely get a deal with the Single or Premium shared hosting if you have a very modest blog or website page. But keep in mind that when your traffic grows, you’ll likely upgrade such plans. These are good choices if you really need to get your site up and running and don’t intend to do anything with it.

The shared hosting services at Hostinger start at:

  • 69.00 Rs. per month for Hostinger Single
  • 149.00 Rs. per month for Hostinger Premium
  • 279.00 Rs. per month for Hostinger Business

The single web hosting plan (Single Plan) is the lowest choice at 69.00 Rs per month, while the premium web hosting 149.00 Rs. business web hosting plan costs 279.00 Rs. per month.

This pricing is practically unbelievable, and they would be fantastic even if Hostinger didn’t have a perpetual offer going on.

Who should use 

  • Blogs with a limited audience.
  • Anyone on a limited budget.

Who should not use 

  • Businesses that need several email addresses.
  • Anyone who intends to create many websites.

Managed WordPress hosting 

Larger managed services include servers that are optimized for WordPress site performance as well as specialized caching plugins. You’ll also receive a dedicated IP address and backups that are automatically performed.

Because these plans are cloud-based, you can anticipate excellent levels of dependability and versatility. As web hosting that can manage abrupt traffic surges or fast expansion without negatively impacting the performance of your website.

Hostinger recognizes that WordPress powers the majority of small company websites, thus their plans reflect this.

Who should use

  • Who needs very high performance 
  • Businesses Who need Advanced WordPress technologies 

Who should not use

  • Beginners who just wanted to host their blogs 
  • Simple business with a lesser number of websites. 

Hostinger cloud hosting

Hostinger’s cloud hosting is ideal for expanding small and medium businesses that require a hosting provider for handling websites. Cloud hosting is an excellent choice for companies who want 100% uptime on their websites.

The Cloud Startup plan from Hostinger includes all of this and more. The fact that you can have an infinite amount of sites, bandwidth, and emails is a fantastic bonus. You may also be interested in the free domain registration and SSL certificate. On the flip side, the amount of RAM i.e 3GB is limited, therefore your website may not load as quickly as you’d want.

Who should use 

  • Businesses that have exceeded the capabilities of VPS hosting
  • Websites with a medium-scale eCommerce store.

Who should not use 

  • Users and businesses on a tight budget.
  • Not suitable for large websites

VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting is available from Hostinger in a variety of configurations. These alternatives provide greater benefits than shared hosting. If your website requires additional resources or has special requirements that shared hosting cannot provide, you should consider upgrading to a VPS option.

Hostinger, unlike some other providers, does not offer distinct named VPS hosting options. Though, provide six Linux host alternatives and four Windows server options. These plans start off simple, but the more costly versions come with a lot of features. Because you have so many possibilities, you will be able to choose one that is ideal for you. Your plan may also be upgraded at any moment.

Who Should Use 

  • Websites that need custom settings that aren’t accessible on shared hosting services.
  • Who needs complete control over their website.

Who should not use 

  • Huge e-commerce sites that might benefit from a dedicated server.
  • One who is on a tight budget.

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Video on Hostinger Review In India

Hostinger Video Review In India (Hostinger Review In India)

Some F&Q on Hostinger Review In India

Why is Hostinger so cheap?

Hostinger provides low-cost hosting by restricting the amount of CPU server resources accessible to clients depending on their hosting package. This is how the majority of shared hosting providers are able to provide low-cost web hosting.

Is Hostinger a good hosting company?

Indeed, Hostinger is a dependable shared hosting provider with years of expertise. They provide a reliable platform at an inexpensive price, allowing millions of users to launch their first website or establish a new company.
Indeed, Hostinger is a dependable shared hosting provider with years of expertise. They provide a reliable platform at an inexpensive price, allowing millions of users to launch their first website or establish a new company.

Do they promise uptime and refund you for downtime?

Hostinger guarantees 99.9% service uptime, which is the industry norm. You may request a 5% credit on your regular hosting charge if they do not reach this level of customer service.

Is Hostinger a Good Fit for You or Your Company?

If you want premium features and reliable performance at affordable pricing, Hostinger is your best choice, but you’ll have to stick to the web host for 4 years to get the cheapest deals.
You may wish to seek elsewhere for bigger businesses with high visiting rates. Because Hostinger does not provide dedicated hosting, it cannot sustain a huge social media attack, for example.

Is it necessary for me to be an expert in order to use Hostinger?

Hostinger offers world-class a user-friendly interface, particularly with their h-Panel, which has big letters and clear icons. You can set up WordPress, CMS, and other websites with only just a few clicks. There’s also a comprehensive information base and verified pros on hand to guide you through any procedure

What Are the Benefits of Hostinger’s Premium and Business Plans?

They’re all there! That’s correct, you get access to every function that Hostinger has to offer. If you’re starting a company or building a site that will get a number of visitors, the top two web hosting options are definitely worth the money.

Is Hostinger good for India?

Yes, Hostinger is good for india if you have beginner or intermediate level . Mean you starting career in online field. if you are affiliate marketor then hostinger is very best for you.

Is Hostinger reliable?

Yes, hostinger reliable in their budget.

Does Hostinger have servers in India?

Yes, Hostinger recently launched a new data center (DC) location in Mumbai, with high demond by indian customer.

Which hosting is best in India?

There are meny hosting company available in india . Like Bluehost, Hostgator, Fastcomet and more but hostinger is diffrent these hosting company.

Hostinger ReHostinger Review In India – Final Verdict  

Hostinger is one of the most adaptable best hosting companies, with alternatives for any size or type of website. Though the uptime has slowed and isn’t as stable as we’d like, the site loads quickly, and the other benefits appear to offset the few drawbacks. Please be advised that the site may experience some downtime.

Overall, Hostinger is a good option for both expert and inexperienced Web designers. It offers fast speeds as well as knowledgeable customer support.  However,  its general performance is excellent, you may sometimes notice performance glitches on high-traffic sites.

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