WordPress Hosting and SEO: Is Your Provider Helping or Hurting You?

Digital marketers or bloggers know the SEO and website connection well; thus, they try their best to enhance their SEO efforts and the website quality several times. Most of them have websites on WordPress, for which users prefer WordPress hosting with the finest performance. If you are worried about why we have talked about the WordPress hosting plan, then we need to have a reliable hosting infrastructure to scale your WordPress site.

In WordPress sites, you can also perform SEO optimization measures to enhance your site’s rankings in search engines. But what if there is a fault in the hosting operation? The webpage will be slow, and there are fewer chances of taking your website to the top ranks on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Many enterprises get enterprise-class dedicated servers with top-level hosting infrastructure. However, dedicated servers are costly and might be unable to afford bloggers. Thus, they prefer affordable hosting plans with reliable hosting resources. 

Apart from the page loading speed, many other factors are involved, which seem crucial in changing your hosting provider. In this guide, we have mentioned some of them. Keep reading and understand what they are?

Do Web Hosting Impact SERP Ranking?

You might think there are no connections between SERP ranking and the hosting provider! Let’s get into some details for further clarification. Search engine rankings have advanced algorithms on which they give better rankings of websites having a quick loading speed. In simpler words, rankings all boil down to performance. 

Your WordPress site might have large size files and non-optimized content. Due to this, the page loading time is higher. According to reports, 70% of online visitors do not revisit those sites having a downtime of 2 to 3 seconds. The page loading issue might also occur due to an untrustworthy hosting plan. If servers do not have optimal storage space, your website development efforts will be in vain.

Thus, opting for a web hosting companies that provide a higher and guaranteed uptime is recommended. MilesWeb has top-level servers offering guaranteed 99.95% uptime. It means your website is available for your visitors most of the time.

Influential hosting factors on SEO

It is not only one factor impacting the SEO or search engine rankings. It is the right time to change if you are not getting the expected outcome from your existing WordPress hosting provider. Below we have revealed some other influential factor that determines search engine rankings. 

1: Reliable Servers 

In the web hosting operation, your website is hosted on the internet with the help of a server. Thus, reliable WordPress hosting providers like MilesWeb have their servers in Tier-4 datacenters worldwide. Tier-4 data centers are known for their optimal web hosting performance. Low–quality web hosting provider servers experience frequent outages or extended downtime. Websites’ ranking will also get lower due to improper hosting servers because there will be a higher page loading time. 

2: Loading Speed 

Continuing the above information, page loading time is an important factor in search engine rankings. Algorithms are one of the essential qualities to get a higher site rank on search engines. Ensure that your chosen WordPress hosting providers offer a good speed and optimum performance for your site.  

3: Security 

Search engine algorithms also check for the website’s security. In today’s internet era, there are many instances of security breaches, and they can put a negative impression on your site on search engines. Even internet users will not visit those sites without assurance of data security, and it may lead to data breaches and malware attacks. Hence, your SEO efforts will be in vain.

4: SSL Certificates

In the above para, we discussed the website’s security. It is possible only if you add SSL certificates to your hosted domains. This level of encryption will protect all sensitive data from your website and provide security assurance to online visitors. Your site will generate more traffic and engagement, thereby leading to better SERPs ranks.

How MilesWeb Enhance Your SEO Optimization Efforts?

If your WordPress site is slow or experiencing frequent downtimes, it is time to switch to MilesWeb. They have separate WordPress hosting plans with optimized WordPress and updated themes and plugins. Also, they offer 24×7 customer support to resolve your site’s technical obstacles. It is required for an excellent hosting operation and to enhance the browsing experience.

Final Thoughts

WordPress hosting services are the best hosting option for your optimized WordPress sites. Get all reliable features like control panels, 1-Click installer, managed server support, and many more that enhance the search engine ranking and build your online credibility much better. Hence, you must opt for their WordPress hosting plans. There are many clients worldwide preferring this hosting plan to scale their WordPress sites. Thus, they are a reliable hosting partner.

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