How to Set Up a New WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce is the best plugin for WordPress sites to transform them into an online marketplace. If we dive into statistics, 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce sites are powered by WooCommerce, and moreover, more than 29.35% of online stores are powered by the same plugin. Thus, we can say that WooCommerce sites have a good potential to grow and can be a major contributor to facilitating the e-commerce economy worldwide. But having a store without hosting WooCommerce sites on the internet will not serve the purpose. Thus, it is recommended to approach the Best WooCommerce hosting provider to host sites efficiently.

Now, coming back to the development part of WooCommerce sites, how can you develop your online store? There are several steps and information which you should read and implement. Continue reading this blog post and comprehend what crucial steps you must follow along with buying the web hosting service with unlimited features.

What is WooCommerce all about?

Simply put, WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin installed on WordPress sites. After installing it on the leading content management system (CMS), users transform normal sites into eCommerce ones. Remember that WordPress powers 43.1 % of total internet websites. And its user base is increasing daily.  

When there is a discussion about installing eCommerce plugins for WordPress sites, WooCommerce is the best option. There are several features of the WooCommerce plugin. You can add a product checkout page, different payment options, shipping, tracking order, product catalogue and many more features. Because of such amazing features, WooCommerce users make the shopping activity of online shoppers. For users, the plugin offers:

  • Website management features
  • Inventory organization
  • Tax managing solutions 
  • Shipping and tracking features
  • Secured payment facility

As WooCommerce powers more than 28% of online marketplaces of the global e-stores. It has become the preferred plugin to host sites.

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Steps to install the WooCommerce Plugin

Next, let us discuss briefly installing the WooCommerce plugin on your existing WordPress site. Like you install any other program or application in your system, in the same manner, you have to install the WooCommerce plugin.

Steps to install

  • In WordPress, you have to navigate to the Plugins section and then Add a new option. The menu option will appear, and you have to locate the WooCommerce plugin in it.
  • Click on the WooCommerce title or link for More Details. Finally, proceed further with the Installation.
  • Once you have installed the WooCommerce plugin, you have to Activate it, and there you are done with the WooCommerce setup.

How to Start Your WooCommerce Store?

1: Choose Hosting services 

Installing the WooCommerce plugin is not a big deal; anyone can do it. The major question is how you will take your WooCommerce site online? There comes the pivotal role of web hosting companies with optimal features like dedicated IP and SSL certificates. These features will make your site accessible for internet users and keep your online marketplace secure and safe from all kinds of intrusion activities. Online shoppers prefer safe and secured shopping sites. 

MilesWeb is the leading WooCommerce hosting provider with all relevant features. They offer free SSL certifications, domain name, control panel and other features to help website owners in different manners. 

2: Choose Themes

Every eCommerce site has its theme. Thus, you need a proper idea of what kind of themes are suitable for your eCommerce site. Overall, themes should portray your brand. There are free and premium themes available with WooCommerce hosting plans. Research for WooCommerce themes and understand which one fits your eCommerce site. All themes available online are of top-quality and have relevant shopping features.

We recommend the Astra theme, it is free & paid Litespeed, and a responsive WordPress theme, and is best for creating eCommerce sites.

3: Add relevant features

After selecting the WooCommerce theme, you must add more features to your WooCommerce store to make it shopping-friendly. This means adding payment gateways, currency settings, shipping, tax collection and many more like the home page, contact page and others you need to integrate into your site. By doing so, you are making your shopping site ready for your online shoppers. However, put all elements into the right place so that for new visitors, it will be an easier task to proceed with the checkout. 

4: Make a catalogue

Only the base of a website is ready after adding features. It is the time to add some products also and make a catalogue. Shoppers must have different options between them. Hence, they select one from a given catalogue and complete the shopping. Add as many products as you can and include product categories also. 

Final Words

Setting up and hosting a WooCommerce store is not an easy task. You require technical expertise in this domain. Thus, you should proceed with choosing the reliable web hosting provider MilesWeb. Get top-notch hosting features with optimized WordPress sites, unlimited bandwidth and 24×7 customer support. Such features will not disappoint your site’s performance because they assure guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

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